Saturday, 27 December 2014

Building a PC

As well as just software based problems, this blog will also be of use to those building or fixing a PC. In depth tutorials on building a PC will be uploaded along with solutions to many problems that are very easy to occur while under construction. 

You can also comment some of your own personal problems you have faced in the comments when the page is up and running. 

Friday, 26 December 2014


Hi, my name is Tom Johnson and I am a student living in Bath UK. Next year I am planning to studying computer science at university. But why complicate things? Almost all problems encountered when using a computer, whether you are a PC genius or an individual in an unknown world of an operating system, are very simple to solve. Although these problems are easy to solve, often the solutions are extremely hard to find and that is the introduction to this blog.

This blog is designed for the viewer to find all those problems they encounter in one easy and reliable place. But the people who need problems solving are often the ones who can solve other people’s problems. I will keep this introduction short but my point is that as a whole community we know it all but as an individual we know much less. This blog is going to express us all as a whole community and be a PC aid to us all.

To help people in the community, any problems people frequently encounter just comment down below and I will reply as quickly as possible. Whether it is a problem with your steam account, Google chrome or just the operating system in general, just comment and help is only a footstep away. As Gary David Goldberg said:

"A good team, like a good show, comes into being when the separate individuals working together create, in essence, another separate higher entity - the team - the show - which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own"

Furthermore, I would really appreciate any tips or hints for my blogs to help improve my content and overall, help out the community a great deal. Thank you