Saturday, 3 January 2015

Review of UP by JAWBONE

The UP band has personally helped me understand about my day to day activities more than  ever have before.

My first love about the product was the outstanding look of the product. It can fit in with just about any outfit, whether you are wearing a suit or casual jeans and a t-shirt. 

The band is available in a variaety of colors and sizes. I am quite a skinny person and medium size was only just large enough for me so if you are thinking of purchacing one, definately go for medium or large.

As you can see, the band does not fault from an asthetic point of view.

After syncing your iPhone with the band, the band measures how many steps you make automatically and can give you comparisons, e.g. "today you walked the equivalent of walking across the Golden Gate Bridge". You can also put in food you eat and the time you sleep and it can do all sort of calculations about your diet.

Although this band can do all these wonderful functions, the average everyday person will probably not find great use in the band. If you are an athlete such as a runner, sprinter or someone on a diet, I could not recommend the band more as I am sure it would be extremely useful. If you are not interested in your lifestyle, diet or exercise, the band may be of no use to you but personally I really enjoy having the UP band. 

I hope this review helps any potential buyers. You can buy them here:

Here are some more pictures: 

HD Wallpapers

I think we all understand that choosing a wallpaper is not as simple as it may sound. I personally have sifted through hundreds of wallpapers and never quite finding that one that I love, but some have come pretty close. The wallpapers tab at the top of the page includes some of the wallpapers that I personally find absolutely outstanding and have come close to some of my favorite wallpapers of all time.

If you are finding it hard to find that wallpaper, take a look, you may find one that you love.